Friday, April 1, 2011

Big Cape School, Monticello, P.E.I.

This old schoolhouse, the Big Cape School, is is located in Monticello in eastern P.E.I. on Route 16.  It was built in 1840 and restored in 1982.

The interior photos were taken through the windows.

The corners feature a great detail of a 3/4-round trim - not sure if this is original.


  1. Is this place still being used? Every time I've driven out that way (which is a lot less then I'd like), its always empty and unused looking, almost abandoned.

  2. It has been updated and freshened up as of the summer of 2016. A bathroom building was added as of Dec 2016. This past year the school was the site of "Don't Ya Know Theatre" a group of youth performing "A Day in the Life of Monticello School". With gratitude for the donations from the Northside Windmill Enhancement Fund and ACOA. Kelly Stephen (Friends of Shipwreck Point Lighthouse Inc.)