Friday, August 26, 2011

Central United Church, Dunstaffnage

     I was out this way the other day the church is located on Rte. 2 Highway in Dunstaffnage.
The church was built in the early 1920's.
      The church's shape, form and detailing is similar in many ways to church's found throughout rural Prince Edward Island.
Update - March 5, 2017
     I just came across this information  - this church was design by architect James Edward Harris (1886-1954) - James was the nephew of well-known Island architect William Harris.
See website for info and photo below:


  1. What a beautiful building. It has basically remained the same since it was built by my great-grandfather and grandfather in 1925/6. Although the membership has declined in recent years, the congregation is determined to keep it viable - as do the other four churches in the five-point charge.

    R. Campbell

  2. I believe it was built in 1928 - after Church Union the Presbyterians got the church on the hill and those who wanted to be United Church had to build a new one. This would make it late 1920s.