Sunday, October 16, 2011

Springbrook Barns

I took this photograph of an old Island farmstead in Springbrook, Route 20 (between French River and New London)  in the spring of 1989.  The barns are long gone - I believe it was some of these barns burned for a scene in the TV series "Emily of New Moon" filmed here on the Island.


  1. It's interesting how many of those little barns you see bouncing around the island still. Always wondered what the heck they were used for, since they look way too small for livestock.

    Also there's an old house on Cape Road you might be interested in. Should check it out while it's still standing, half the wind facing side is already blown in.

  2. that house on cape road is the one that belonged with the barns it was moved up there was the old doughart home stead