Wednesday, June 13, 2012

North Rustico Lighthouse

     I was out to North Rustico this morning and took photos of the lighthouse down at the harbour.  The following is a an old photo from a display at the Farmers Bank.  The base of the lighthouse measures 29'-9"x15'-11".
     Below is a photo of the lighthouse as you enter the harbour, followed by alot of photos from around the lighthouse - truly a beautiful setting amongst a few old building ruins.
 This beautifully shingled, freshly painted lighthouse looks wonderful from a distance.  HOWEVER, upon a close-up look one is horrified to see it's VINYL SIDING, SHINGLE PATTERN!!!!!!!
 Below:  you can see the vinyl siding and aluminum around the window.
     Below: the photos below were taken through the window by putting the camers lens flat against the glass.  The first photos below are in the former kitchen where the main door comes in to the lighthouse, to the far left is the brick chimney, boarded over.  
     Below: photo taken in what was likely a living room - here the ladder went up to the second floor to the bedrooms.

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