Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cape Tryon Lighthouse

     On Sunday evening I took time out to go up to French River and went down to the Cape Tryon Lighthouse - it's in an amazing setting.
     I took the roads to the north shore from Kensington on Route 101, then onto the Blue Heron Drive, Rte. 20, then on a sharp turned on to the Cape Road - see photos below.
     Then I came to the hard-to-find farmer's lane off Cape Road which takes you down to the lighthouse.  The drive down is on the rough farmer's lane is through the middle of two huge hay fields.  I had my truck window down and was treated to the smell of fresh cut hay and sweet salt air.  Absolutely beautiful!!Once down there I photographed all around the site as you can see below.
South side of Lighthouse.
Below: the west side of Lighthouse as you drive in.
Below: the southwest view- the door faces south.
The sky was amazing to photograph against.

Below: the northeast side of the Lighthouse.
Below: the north side of the Lighthouse.
Below: the east side of lighthouse.
     The original lighthouse was replace with this present lighthouse - see the following information - http://www.lighthousefriends.com/light.asp?ID=983
     The original Cape Tryon Lighthouse was replaced in 1967 by the present square, pyramidal tower, which stands 12.4 metres (40.7 feet) tall, has a focal plane of 33.4 metres (110 feet), and exhibits a two-second flash every six seconds.
     For information about the previous lighthouse moved away from here, see earlier post in this blog:   http://peiheritagebuildings.blogspot.ca/2012/09/former-cape-tryon-lighthouse-cousins.html 
Below: looking west towards the Park Corner shoreline - the Gulf of St. Lawrence.
Below: looking east towards the shores of French River.
     As I left the lighthouse and got close to the Cape Road there was this little building with vines growing over it and nearby a huge white wild rose bush.


  1. Oh great, now I'm homesick. Thanks alot Carter....

  2. Possibly my fav area of Queens county right there.