Monday, February 11, 2013

Old Saw Mill, Milton (aka Curtisdale)

     I took the winter photos below of the old sawmill in Milton on December 20, 1987.  The mill was situated on Route 2 (Malpeque Road), down the hill, east of the Anglican Church where the Lower Malpeque Road meets the Malpeque Road.  None of these buildings remain today.
     The first owner of mills here was William Curtis in the late 1820's - he operated a sawmill and grist mill here and had several houses too, probably for workers.  For more information about the Curtis family see: 
     The buildings here were not likely the original buildings mentioned in the Curtis family history.   This area was originally called Curtisdale and later called Milton - possibly for all the mills in the area.   Click on images to enlarge.
      The following summer photograph was taken in the late 1980's.   The mill collapsed in the mid-1990's and was demolished.
     I found a reference online on the Prince Edward Island Public Archives and Records Office website -  where they note an old photograph, "one large format mounted photograph of the saw mill at Milton, Prince Edward Island between 1910 and 1920"  Acc 4737.
     The 1880-1881 Alpine's PEI Directory also notes Thos. Crabbe and D. Moore also owning sawmills in Milton - the directory lists 50 mills on Prince Edward Island.

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