Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bagnall's Pond/Dam Flooding today

     We've had a few mild days here on Prince Edward Island.  There's been alot of melting snow and rain over the past 24 hours and the water in the Hunter River/Bagnall's Pond behind my house is running high.       
     Here's a few photos I took this morning at 8am.  I've seen the water go over the bridge / dam only twice in the 17 years I've lived here.
     Note the water level is at the window sill of the lower windows of the mill.
 Below are photos of the old mill on a normal day!
     This old mill is known locally as Bagnall's Mills and restored/renovated in 2005 by the Parkman family of North Rustico.  This was originally a grist mill - the main portion of the mill was built by the Patterson family in the mid-1800's.  
     Below is the mill before renovations.

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  1. Do you live right here???? How neat! I am a Bagnall family researcher--not quite affiliated with Bagnall's Mills (those were distant cousins), but I am a descendant of Richard Bagnall who founded Hazel Grove and the Halfway House (Inn) that once stood there! I have a blog at if you think we may possibly have anything else to collaborate on! Otherwise, I'm bookmarking this site and will check back :)