Monday, April 15, 2013

Cornish Farmstead, Carleton

     I've been meaning to photograph this old farmstead for the past year - with the recent clearing of the woodlot next to the property I took time yesterday to take these photographs.
     This was the childhood homestead of my friend Judy's grandmother Ruth Cornish Adams.  Ruth's younger brother Russell farmed here after their parents were gone.  Following the death of Ruth's husband she moved back to the homestead to help her brother with house-keeping.
     Following Russell's death a family member now owns the property - the house has been vacant now for near 10 years.
     The farmstead is a long way from the road, especially this time of year, mud season!  I would liked to have gone in to get some closer photographs but I was just as happy to stay at the road and use my zoom lens!
     The farmstead is located on the east side of the Western Road (Route. 2) in Carleton (between Coleman Corner and O'Leary Corner).
     In Meacham's 1880 Atlas of Prince Edward Island this 100-acre farm belonged to Jno. Beaton.

     In Cummins 1928 Atlas of Prince Edward Island show this 100-acre farm belonging to William Cornish.  It lists him as being married to Jennie ? (born in Maine, USA) with the following children: Eurilla, Earl, Alfred, Russell, Samuel and Ruth. 
     The old barn seems to be in reasonably good condition.  It's quite old and features few windows, no eave boards, and has the classic arrangement of small doors and large barn door on the front facing south wall.
     The forest that's being cut to the right doesn't belong to this farm.  Always when I drove by this farmstead I would look in to see it, it seemed like it was carved out of the forest and the farm set far into the woods.   But not now!  The old house and barns seem to have been exposed after all those years.

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