Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cavendish Homesteads

     I saw this quote on a tourism board recently - written by world-famous Prince Edward Island author of Anne of Green Gables, Lucy Maud Montgomery.

     "Cavendish is a narrow farming settlement...fronting on the gulf of st lawrence .  It is about three miles long and one wide. The narrow homestead farms front on the gulf and on each one is a house."
cf.  My Dear M.  November 9, 1904
- L.M. Montgomery 
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     Another well-known poem by Montgomery is "Peace"...

     Peace!  You never know what peace is until you walk on the shore or in the fields or along the winding red roads of Abegweit (M'kmag name for Prince Edward Island) on a summer twilight when the dew is falling and the old, old stars are peeping out and the sea keeps its nightly tryst with the little land it loves.  You find your sole then.  You realize that youth is not a vanished thing but something that dwells forever in the heart.  And you look around on the dimming landscape of haunting hill and long white-sand beach and murmuring ocean, on homestead lights and the old fields till by dead and gone generations who loved them....even if you are not Abegweit born, you will say "Why, I have come home."
-L.M. Montgomery

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