Friday, December 13, 2013

today is "Acadian Remembrance Day" - Dec. 13

     I received this email from Georges Arsenault this morning complete with links to further information!
      On this December 13, Acadian Remembrance Day, I am sending you this article on Noël Doiron who was drowned when the ship Duke William sank on December 13, 1758, during the Acadian Deportation. He died with almost all the members of his family and hundreds of others. This Doiron family, originally from Nova Scotia, lived at Eldon which was called at the time Pointe-Prime.
      Article :
     You can also see a short video on Noël Doiron and wife Marie about when they were living in Nova Scotia in a village now called Noel.
      Video :
     The article and the video are the work of two brothers from Nova Scotia, Todd and Shane Scott. They have greatly contributed to make known the story of the Doirons and of the sinking of the Duke William.
     You can also listen to a CBC Radio Documentary entitled "Noel Doiron and the Wreck of the Duke William"  -
    A ceremony on this Acadian Remembrance Day will be held at noon today at the Port-la-Joye -- Fort Amherst Historical Site. All are welcomed.
     Noël Doiron (Port-Royal, 1684 – December 13, 1758) was a leader of the Acadians, renown for the decisions he made during the Deportation of the Acadians.[1] Doiron was deported on a vessel named the Duke William (1758). The sinking of the Duke William was one of the worst marine disasters in Canadian history. The captain of the Duke William, William Nichols, described Noel Doiron as the "head prisoner" on board the ship and as the "father" to all the Acadians on Ile St. Jean (present-day Prince Edward Island).[2]
     Second only to Evangeline, the most well known Acadian story of the Victorian era was that of Noel Doiron (1684-1758). For his "noble resignation" and self-sacrifice aboard the Duke William, Doiron was celebrated in popular print throughout the 19th century in England and America.[3] Doiron also is the namesake of the village Noel, Nova Scotia and the surrounding communities of Noel Shore, East Noel (also known as Densmore Mills), Noel Road and North Noel Road.
     Early in 1750, Noel Doiron and his family joined the Acadian Exodus and left mainland Nova Scotia for Pointe Prime, Ile St. Jean (present day Eldon, Prince Edward Island).

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