Friday, August 15, 2014

St. Margaret's of Scotland Parish Church

    I was to eastern Prince Edward Island earlier this week and out by St. Margaret's Parish Church, which is located in the community of St. Margarets.  The church is located on Route 16 near the intersection with Rte. 307 ( which takes you through Bear River to Rollo Bay ).
     Here's a few photos I took of the church.
 Below: Parish Hall
     Here's some history of the church from, "A Faith Walk: Diocese of Charlottetown" by Fr. Art O'Shea.  Page 82.
     "Scottish settlers came to the Naufrage (shipwreck) area in the 1770s and already there were forty families when they built their first log chapel there in 1805.  A second church followed in 1816 which with additions served the needs of the parishioners for the next forty years.  In 1857 the people erected a new and quite imposing church on high land overlooking the Gulf to accommodate the still growing Catholic population.  The first parochial house was built in 1840 and replaced by a new one in 1878.  In 1894, with the population moving farther back fro the shore, the church and other buildings were moved about a mile south to where they stand today.  Tragedy struck the parish in 1921 when a forest fire destroyed the church, parochial house and all the other buildings except the hall which became the temporary home for the pastor and a place for worship.  Strangely, this burning took place on the patronal feast of the parish, St. Margaret of Scotland.  Out of the ashes a new parochial house was built in 1922 and a new impressive church in 1926.  Both of these stand there today and come as a surprise to those travelling that generally wooded area." 

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