Friday, October 31, 2014

Notre-Dame du Mont-Carmel Église

     Recently a friend and I were talking about this church - our conversation prompted me to take a side trip to photograph it earlier this week on my regular trek to western P.E.I. 
     Many Catholic churches on the Island are magnificent structures and when you see them in rural settings they're even more spectacular.  This church and its parochial house are on Route 11, Mont-Carmel in the Evangeline Region overlooking the Northumberland Strait.
     Today one priest is shared between this church and St.-Philippe-et-St.-Jacques in Abrams-Village.
The following information comes from Historic Places website...
     The large imposing Roman Catholic church of Notre Dame du Mont Carmel is a late Victorian Gothic brick structure...  It is built in the classic “T” formation with two bell tower at the corners of the front of the building.  It was built in 1898 from funds raised by the parishioners and the work was completed by many local artisans, including Anglophones who were not members of the parish.  All of the estimated 450,000 bricks were made nearby at Frederick Strong’s brickyard in Lower Bedeque.  The architect for the design was Rene P. Lemay, the son of Pamphile Lemay, who had translated Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s influential 1847 poem, “Evangeline”, in 1865.  The centenary of the building was celebrated in 1998.
     The front doors were locked - the whole place seemed abandoned.  Below is a hook in the concrete to hold the door open.
 Below - back corner of the church and view of Northumberland Strait.
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     Since I wasn't able to get inside the church I found the following photos on Google Images - they come from the following website...


  1. My friend and I are Catholic and were hoping to attend mass at this church when we go to visit PEI. Do you know how to get in contact with the Church about mass times? Thank you!

  2. Very nice, my Great Grandfather is here