Thursday, April 30, 2015

London, UK Council takes 1920s Pub demolition seriously

Developer who demolished Kilburn pub without permission is ordered to rebuild it "brick by brick"

Image: Ewan Munro via Flickr
Earlier this month we ran a story on the Carlton Tavern, a much-loved local pub in Kilburn which was demolished without warning, or, in fact, permission. The owners, CLTX, had bought the pub only to find that Westminster council would not approve its plan to replace it with a new block of flats; and, with the threat that the pub could soon be listed looming, it decided to take matters into its own hands.  Many people were, quite rightly, outraged by this, and a popular response was that CLTX should be forced to rebuild the pub to atone for its flagrant disregard for council permissions and common human decency: 
Well, we're delighted to report that Westminster council seems to have taken your feedback on board. From today's Evening Standard:
The owners of a historic London pub who triggered outrage by demolishing it without permission are to be ordered to rebuild it brick by brick. Council chiefs will next week issue an unprecedented enforcement notice to the firm that owns the Carlton Tavern in Maida Vale requiring it to “recreate in facsimile the building as it stood immediately prior to its demolition”. 


  1. An elected council caring about historical buildings? You can tell it's definitely not in Canada.

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