Friday, November 6, 2015

1853 Panmure Island Lighthouse

     This article appeared on the CBC PEI website yesterday...
 Panmure Lighthouse group needs more volunteers
Open house being held to attract more muscle and brain for lighthouse reno
CBC News / November 4, 2015
     The Panmure Island Lighthouse Association is trying to drum up more support to help with renovations, and to keep the lighthouse going.  The group is holding an open house next week in Montague, trying to turn more of their plans into action.  Regally placed at the end of the beach, it's one of the most photographed lighthouses in the Maritimes.
Jackie Brown of the Panmure Island Lighthouse Association calls
the causeway one of the most beautiful views in P.E.I. (CBC)
     "The Panmure causeway is one of the most beautiful views in P.E.I.," said Jackie Brown, president of the lighthouse association. "When you drive over the causeway to Panmure Island and you see the lighthouse... I would hate to think what would happen if that lighthouse...if that wasn't there. It would be very sad."
Lighthouses decommissioned
     That almost happened four years ago, when the federal government decommissioned 40 P.E.I. lighthouses.  The Panmure association was formed to save it, and will soon take over ownership. Now the real challenge begins, making the much-needed renovations with just an $80,000 federal grant.  The first level will be the gift shop. Before the snow falls, the floors, walls and ceiling will all come down to reveal the original wood underneath. That's to show everyone the oldest wooden lighthouse on P.E.I., built in 1853.  Next summer, they'll tackle the exterior painting.  "We're very anxious to see the lighthouse painted," said Glenna Campbell-Peardon, a volunteer. "That's going to be my first big celebration, when we see this all nice and white again with the red trim. It's going to be beautiful."
The second floor will become a museum, showcasing artifacts and historic information about the building, and its keepers.  "We find that people that visit this lighthouse are fascinated with the history of the lighthouse, how it came about, and the fact that it's 162 years old," said Roger Gallant, another volunteer with the lighthouse association.
Brain and muscle needed
     So far, about 100 people have joined the association, donating $10 a year in support.
But only a small number of them have been doing the hands-on work, and coming up with an action plan.  That's why the call for more help, especially from graphic designers, history buffs, ane young people with fresh ideas. The open house will be held on Thursday, Nov. 12 at the CBDC Building, 540 Main St. in Montague.

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