Friday, February 5, 2016

Old Fashioned Picnic 1914

     The following comes from Allan MacRae's "From the Past" column in the July 29, 2015 edition of the West Prince Graphic.  I believe the house mentioned in the write-up is the Crockett Home at 262 Marchbank Road (aka Jack Donald Rd) in Montrose, beside Marchbank Pond.  This area was in the district of Alma Post Office.
     Information correction from the Crockett family: Lorne and Mae Crockett bought this house from Allie Marchbank back in the 1940's.  Lorne and Mae had two children Nadine and Orvie.  Today Shane Crockette lives here, he's the son of Orvie, grandson of Lorne.

 Old fashion picnic at Alma, Lot 3, enjoyed by everyone in attendance, 1914.
     "On Saturday, 27th of June 1914, the Greenmount Ball Club was invited by Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Alley to hold a picnic at the Abeqweit Silver-Black Fox Co.'s ranch at Alma, Lot 3.  Sunny weather, field games, hot chocolate, a basket lunch, home-made ice-cream and ginger tonic were enjoyed by all in attendance." "Summerside Journal," 8 July 1914.
     "The long piazza of the Alley Ranch was prettily decorated with large tissue decorated with large tissue paper plumes of colors of the rainbow.  A hammock and easy chairs on the piazza and lawn made the guests very comfortable.  The prettily arranged parlours and den were opened all day and were enjoyed by everyone."
     "Field games were played and all enjoyed the ball game for hours, the ladies doing extra good work at the bat as well as making many home runs."
     "At 4:30pm our hosts served delicious hot chocolate, together with basket lunches and three large freezers of home-made ice-cream, washed down with a case of ginger tonic furnished by members of the ball club.  Altogether we spent a most enjoyable hour.  After lunch we returned to the ball grounds where we passed the rest of the day in games."
     Messrs. Perley Haywood and Arthur Carruthers, the Misses Estell Haywood, Ella Rennie and Fannie Ramsay from Tignish; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rayner, Mr. and Mrs. Archie Rayner, James Rayner and daughters, the Misses Ruth and Amanda; Mrs. Brenton O'Connor, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hammill and son Frank and daughter Iona from Greenmount; Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Platts, and Mr. and Mrs. William Leonard from Kildare Capes.  The invited guests were Mr. Lynch and Mr. John Rayner from Greenmount, Dr. Lynch from Brookline, Mass., Mr. Trask from Boston and Master Gordon Ramsay from Alberton."
     "The day was an ideal one and party broke up at 7:00pm with the declaration that his was the most enjoyable picnic of the season!"

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