Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Romance of the Heating Stove

Here's another of my favourite Nova Scotia Museum booklets.  It's by George MacLaren and first published in 1972.  The booklet features 16 of these early stoves along with a list of Nova Scotia Foundries 1790-1899.
Here's an interesting article attached to the page - I have three of these books and think I must have picked up this one at a yard or book sale.
A year ago my 10-year-old niece did her heritage fair project on Bread Making - she illustrated the various ways and techniques used by the early settlers, etc. - here's a photo of her by one of the old stoves.  My father said he remembered his grandmother, Annie (Boyle) Cannon, having a stove like this - that was in the late 1930's.   My niece won first prize for her project at her elementary school then won at the provincial heritage fair.

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