Tuesday, December 6, 2016

MacDonald House Fire, Kilmuir 1965

From Preston MacDonald's Facebook page..
John K. McDonald's 14 room house.

Leard's 1888 Grist Mill receives more money!

     Now for the good news today!  I was informed this afternoon that another anonymous donation of $20,000 is being made to our campaign to save the last fully-intact grist mill on Prince Edward Island!  Great things are happening with this project!
     Below is a recent painting of Leard's Grist Mill by Mary E. MacDonald of O'Leary.

62 Victoria St., Kensington - Demolished!

     Today was a good news / bad news day!  I had to run up to Kensington late this afternoon and to my horror this lovely house on Victoria Street had been demolished and the hole was being filled in with fresh shale.  I expect it was demolished to make way for the adjacent service station!  Too bad!!
     Here's a photo from Google Streetview...
Here's the aftermath photos!
     For more information about this house and others in Kensington, see the following:

Heritage Homes History, Property Ownership, Kensington

Kensington, PEI Heritage Homes History of Property Ownership
KenNet Research Team Winter 2011 
This report contains over 250 ownership profiles of Kensington,
Prince Edward Island’s historic homes. 
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