Thursday, March 24, 2011

Holy Trinity Georgetown

Here's a photo of the Georgetown Anglican Church I took in 1983 - note the detail highlighted by the colour scheme.  Join the facebook page to help save this historic church -

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Murray Harbour Road today

Here's some heritage buildings I photographed today, on Rte. 24, between Murray River and Vernon River.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Romance of the Heating Stove

Here's another of my favourite Nova Scotia Museum booklets.  It's by George MacLaren and first published in 1972.  The booklet features 16 of these early stoves along with a list of Nova Scotia Foundries 1790-1899.
Here's an interesting article attached to the page - I have three of these books and think I must have picked up this one at a yard or book sale.
A year ago my 10-year-old niece did her heritage fair project on Bread Making - she illustrated the various ways and techniques used by the early settlers, etc. - here's a photo of her by one of the old stoves.  My father said he remembered his grandmother, Annie (Boyle) Cannon, having a stove like this - that was in the late 1930's.   My niece won first prize for her project at her elementary school then won at the provincial heritage fair.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gingerbread & House Finish of Every Description

This book was written by Barbara R. Robertson and published by Pepper Books ( a  Nova Scotia Museum series presenting a variety of subjects in the material cultural and natural history of Maritime Provinces ).  Nova Scotia Museums, Halifax, NS.  1990.
check out the Shand House website:

My brother Kerras ( has a large collection of Gingerbread Patterns and can produce any style you'd like from Eastern White Cedar.  As noted below - he made all the trims for the Bideford Parsonage House.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An old St. Eleanor's House

This old house was located on the west side of South Drive in St. Eleanor's, not far from Route 2 Highway.  This house was demolished near 20 years ago.  I recently came across the photo in my large collection of photos of Island Buildings. 
This house is in the Island-ell style with elaborate running gingerbread gable trim. The detailing reminds me of the following houses - see below.
The Sutherland House, Seaview (photo 2009) - a large restoration has since been undertaken.  A local group undertook the restoration of this house and opened it as a museum.  My brother Kerras ( made all the exterior trimmings for this house using old photos and reminent pieces to accomplish the original look.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Affairs with Old Houses

This is a great book!  Edited by Pat Lotz and available from the Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia bookstore ( ) for $19.95.  Many of the drawings in the book are by my friend Greg Munn - check out his blog
About the book (from their website)...
       Affairs with Old Houses presents heritage from the perspective of a diverse and articulate group of Nova Scotian heritage home owners, who relate how they acquired and restored their old houses. The book moves beyond details of architecture, history and restoration to also reveal the relationship the owner has with the building. Sixteen houses are featured in personal accounts representing a wide range in architectural style, age, historic background and size. Included in the book is a chapter on Richmond Hill Farm, an old house in Windsor, Nova Scotia, bequeathed to Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia by the late Helen Macdonald. The book, which has a charming foreword by His Honour Lt.- Gov. J.James Kinley, is attractively illustrated with line drawings and includes a comprehensive glossary.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Abandoned Front Door

This photo was taken the same day as the house in the previous post.  In its abandoned state, the beautifully detailed front door had been protected for years by the simple board storm door.  Note the detail on the door casing and header.

Near Tyne Valley, P.E.I.

I took this photo in the early 1990's up in the Tyne Valley area.  The house is an Island-ell style house with a center gable dormer on the front and a similar smaller gable over the kitchen wing.  I haven't been by this house since - it's likely gone.  Great textures of colours and finishes.

Another favourite photo

I just sent this photo to a friend - a favourite photo of mine.  My brother found it in an auction lot-box. The people are unknown.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Traditional Window and Door Builders

Many people don't realize you can have traditional wood windows made here on Prince Edward Island.  The window below was made to order by R.W. Woodworking, Hunter River - the window was made for the Doucet House Restoration project.  There were 8 windows in total.  The antique-glass for the window was brought in specially by O'Connor Glass in Charlottetown.  Often you can get some old glass if you ask around but we needed enough glass for eight windows so thought it best to order it in.  The workmanship is excellent!
Above.  We applied Thompson's Clear Water Seal to preserve the wood window and board siding to keep a natural look.
This door was made by Borden Myers Woodworking of Charlottetown.   The door was modeled after an old front door found on a Fitzroy Street house.  The owner purchased the coloured glass locally from a stained glass store and had it installed by the door builder.  Again excellent workmanship.
This paired, round-top, single-hung window was also made by Borden Myers Woodworking in a traditional style for this new summer home on the north shore of the Island.