Thursday, October 19, 2017

Warren Farm, Mill River East

     This old farmstead in Hills River (between Alberton and Bloomfield) at 1152 Mill River East Road (Rte. 145) is not long in existence.  The property has recently changed hands and one of the old farm buildings has already been destroyed.
     This was the old Benjamin Warren farmstead.  Benjamin was married to Jane Hewitt and they had two sons, Chester *Chet*, a bachelor; and Thomas who married Isabelle *Belle* Hardy - they had four son: 
1) Gordon m. Blanche Gamble, he farmed this family farm and did carpentry and plumbing on the side; 
2) Walter, he died of appendicitis at 9 years old; 
3) William, m. Marion Hall and lived in Mass., USA; and 
4) Norman m. Wilna Gordon and lived at the end of the Hardy Road in Montrose.  
     By the look of the house I would say it was built in the mid 1800's .  Note above the warehouse door the farm was once called "Norwood Farm".
     The view southeast from this property is looking over the Hills and Mill Rivers.