Thursday, April 19, 2018

MacNevin House, Brae

    I was by this old property the other day - there's not a shingled left - looks like it was leveled by a "control burn" by the local fire department.
Here's a photo I took of the MacNevin homestead in 2011 when out for a drive with my grandmother - here's the link to the post...
"...below is the house of Horace MacNevin (son of Alan & Lulu) located on Rte. 140 in the Brae - Horace moved out of the house a short time ago.  The farm that had been owned previously by Clarence Johnstone and of which Augustine Guillemont had been the pioneer settler.  Their house had formerly been the home of Herbert Craig...  cf. Past & Present: A history of the Brae, 1979."

Old Homestead, Milburn

     Here's an old house with great detailing on the Boulter Road (Rte. 140) in Milburn (south/near O'Leary).  According to Geolinc Plus this house, along with 50 acres, is currently owned by the Government of PEI.  From looking through the Meachams 1880 Atlas and the 1928 Cummins Atlas, its hard to determine if this was a MacNevin or MacPhee homestead.   
     I took this photo last week.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Old Barn, Brae

     There's alot of great old barns in western Prince Edward Island, especially in the O'Leary area.  Sadly most of them are not used now and slowly falling down.  This barn is on the MacPhee Road in the Brae.