Monday, August 22, 2011

MacAllister Homestead restored, New London

I was out by this house yesterday on the Fountain Road in New London.  This Island-ell style farmhouse has undergone a major restoration/renovation.  The homestead originally belonged to the MacAllister family and likely built the house in the late 1800s.  The house had been abandoned in recent years.
Below:  The house has new clapboard and cedar shingle siding.  The exterior detailing has been restored.


  1. Saw this for sale just before they started to do renos on it. They did a great job on it, although I wonder if there was any way to save the island stone foundation bricks. They seem to be becoming a rare breed these days.

  2. This house which was home to Borden MacAllister for many decades, was originally moved up from Stanley Bridge over the ice of the Stanley River one winter. John MacKay supervised the job. The house had been opposite the former United Church and belonged to Dr. Stuart Simpson prior to being moved. Dr. Simpson was the doctor who delivered Lucy Maud Montgomery in nearby New London (then called Clifton), according to the current owner of the house. Other details from History of Stanley Bridge: Hub of the Universe, page 484