Monday, August 15, 2011

O'Leary Telephone Office

This telephone office is located in the park behind the PEI Potato Museum.  The little building was located on the north side of Main Street in O'Leary. 

Below:  This little hip-roofed structure measures about 16'x20'.  The arrangement of windows on the front is unusual as the inside space is widen open - the little short window in the middle front was located above a phone booth and makes perfect sense once you see an old photo with the booth in place - see below.
Following it's use as a telephone office it was used as a residence.
Below:  note the back door which was a back entrance leading to the basement and the back of the telephone office.
Below:  Museum display.
Below:  my mother, Verna (McDowell) Jeffery leans against the counter in the telephone office remembering her days a young girl at the same counter - she spent alot of time here with her friend who's grandmother, Ruth Silliker, was an operator here.  Ruth would always work the night shift spending the night there - Mom wondered where Ruth would have slept as the telephone office was just one room - there's a back door (likely quick way out to outhouse) and a stairs to the basement.

Below: view of the historic buildings behind the PEI Potato Museum, from left to right: Telephone Office, Heritage Chapel, log barn, and Alaska Schoolhouse.

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