Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our Lady of Fatima R.C. Church, Appin Road

I learned the other day that this little church is for sale for $38,000 - see PEI Heritage Properties for Sale to the right of this Blog.  The church is located in the community of Appin Road on the corner of Appin Road and Green Road.  We drove out to the south shore from Hunter River mostly through this heritage Road ( Route 237 ).  See photo below.
Below: the church address is 724 Green Road.
This Church seems to be older than some of its detailing, however, it was built in 1948 and as a Mission Church to the Parish of Kelly's Cross.
Below: Obviously the doors were locked but I was able to take this photo through the front door.
Below: southwest view from the intersection.
Below: West side - the fencing is in good condition.
Below: South view facing Green Road.
Below: Looking up at the little tower.
Below: southeast view.
Below: a closer look at the top of the little tower - the cross is missing.
Below:  The front 4-over-4 windows on each side of the south/front door.

Below: arched canopy at the base of tower, providing shelter to the front door.
Below: Gingerbread bracket holding up canopy.
Below: Northwest view of church.
Below: Typical 6-over-6 windows on east and west walls.
Below: a modern version of an eave return.
Below: the back door to the vestry on the west side - the storm door was locked.  The inner door seems to be an old door and not typical to the period of the church.  The door has interesting style with 2-long panels above and 2-small panels below.
Below: the foundation of the church was formed with boards with a pattern built on to the back of the boards to give the look of conrete blocks - this is a solid concrete foundation wall with what some might call the rustication of the smooth surface.

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  1. Sold and cleared for a new build.