Friday, August 12, 2011

PEI Potato Museum, O'Leary

Last Sunday I visited the P.E.I. Potato Museum with my parents.  The museum has many aspects to it - the story of the origins of the potato is told as well as the history and importance of the potato industry to our Province.  There's also a great gift shop with potato related products; a cafe where you can sample potato fudge and other food made from potatoes; a local museum of artifacts, photos and the history of the area; and a park behind the museum with four historic buildings - a schoolhouse, log barn, church and telephone office.  I will tell more of those buildings in later postings.
 Below:  As you enter the property a giant potato greets you!
Below:  The Museum's main entrance.

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  1. We are currently painting the interior of the Museum and the exhibit areas to the right of the front entrance . They have done a LOT of new work in there this Winter . It should be beautiful when it opens in the Spring . The new kitchen/dining area is all Pine and it looks great . The rest of the museum that we are painting has all new colors and some other changes .