Monday, March 19, 2012

Alf MacRae House, Huntley

     I took these photos of Alfred "Alf" MacRae's Homestead on Christmas Day 1988.  The house had long been abandoned - not long after this photo was taken the house was demolished and a new home was constructed here.
     The property is/was located on the "Cheese Factory Road" (no route number) which takes you from Route 2 in Alma (near HI Paving Plant and Confederation Trail) out to Route 152 in Huntley, not far from the Gordon's Monument and just above the Electric Light Pond.
     The house had great features with the main part of the house displaying a centered bay window with narrow paired windows above; a small under-eave window on the left, probably in a hallway; a verandah on the kitchen wing with a small dormer above; an unusually placed side entrance with portico (likely not original to the house); two brick chimneys and cedar shingles on the walls and roof.

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  1. Would have looked a heck of a lot nicer then the thing that's there now that's' for sure.