Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ground's Keepers Cottage from Fanningbank

     This little house was once the Ground's Keepers Cottage from the Fanningbank / Government House Estate in Charlottetown. 
     I documented this little house nine years ago.  The house was moved to this building lot (date not known) on York Lane in Brighton, Charlottetown.
     The above photo is the front (north) facing the street - this was originally the rear of the house with a later 1-storey porch addition.
     Below are the as found floor plans and elevations I prepare in February 2003.

The following are photos of the house taken February 2003.
      Below is the south elevation of the house - the original front of the house.  The snow was deep that day and I couldn't get further into the back yard to get a better overall image.
Below:  The east side of the house.
     Below:  the north (former rear) side of house with the later addition porch - now the front of the house.
     Below:  the northwest side of the house.

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