Saturday, March 3, 2012

More Farmland converted to Subdivisions, York Point

     I was out to York Point (now part of Cornwall) last week and observed some more farmland having been converted to subdivision - approximately 100 residential lots here.  This is a beautiful area of the Island where the farms on the east side of the York Point Road run down to the North River shore and a view across the water to Charlottetown.  Below is a look over the new subdivision.
     Below: Here's the old house, just to the right of the above photo, that was connected with this property - hope it remains here!  The old house is located on the corner of York Point Road and the new Sunrise Cove Road.
 Below: the west view of the house facing York Point Road.
Below:  The Island-ell style farmhouse has well proportioned and placed verandahs - note how the verandah eaves clear the cornerboards by a few inches. 
The house features decorative cut cedar shingles on the upper level of the house exterior and in the gables; verandah gingerbread trim; two-over-one style single hung windows; attic trapezoid windows and steep-pitched rooflines and two brick chimneys.
Below: the garage and verandah to the left are 1970's additions.
Here's a view of the subdivision - note the adjacent farmstead to the south of this new subdivision. cf. Gov't Webmaps:

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  1. "This is a beautiful area of the Island"

    Won't be for long with that subdivision going up. Yet another part of the island that looks less like PEI and more like the GTA.

    Always see that house when I go by there when I'm heading the backway to Argyle and other spots down that way. Hopefully someone will do something with it that will keep it in good repair for decades to come. It's already guaranteed to be better looking then anything in the immediate area that's for sure.