Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Victorian Design Book

     Lee Valley Tools Ltd. has a great collection of reprinted books, many from the early 1900s -  .
     The following is one of those reference books, THE VICTORIAN DESIGN BOOK (ISBN 0-9691019-6-1)- re-published by Lee Valley Tools in 1984 - originally published in 1897.  This book isn't available from Lee Valley Tools, however it can be purchased from Amazon
The following are a few images from the book.

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  1. I thought to myself - "there's something odd about that staircase" and when I clicked on it I see it's upside down :) I found your blog through a facebook comment made by Leigh McKenna (Rosebank) from whom I purchased an old farmhouse on Butcher Rd. (Elmsdale) Currently we just come out for the summers but in a couple of years we'll be living there permanently. Love learning about the island's architecture through your blog!