Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bethel United Church & Springfield West

     On Sunday, July 8th, my parents 51st Anniversary, we made our way out to Springfield West on the O'Leary Road to the annual ice cream social at Bethel United Church.  It's located on the MacDougall Road (Rte. 141), a short distance in from the O'Leary Road.
     Below: The front, east side, of the Bethel United Church built in 1873.  This was the home church of my great-great-grandparents William McDowell and Ellen Heaney (see toombstone below).
Below: south side of Bethel United Church.
Below: photos of the church's interior.
Below:  the former Bethel United Church Manse.
Below: the cover of the book, Letters from the Manse by Joan Archibald Colborne.
cf. www.amazon.ca
     My parents, Wilbert Jeffery and Verna McDowell were married in the Bethel United Church Manse on July 8, 1961.  Below is a photo of Wilbert and Verna taken at their wedding reception at the McDowell-Silliker homestead in Knutsford.
Below:  my parents on July 8, 2012 - their 51st Wedding Anniversary.
Below: the Wilkinson's Store on the O'Leary Road in Springfield West.
     On October 6, 1982 the West Prince Graphic published a story about my great grandmother Lucy Enid (Milligan) MacNevin Collicutt (1892-1989).  The following is a quote from the article,
     "Island women had a way of making pennies stretch when it came to feeding their families and keeping them warm.  Mrs. Collicutt recalls going to the local store (Wilkinson's in Springfield West, as she always told us) every fall for the winter supplies and spending $25.  That was alot of money in a time when 50 cents was the going wage for a day's work.  "I made the children's clothes and my own.  There was lots of material and broadcloth was 10 cents a yard. You could get 200 pounds of flour for $1.98 but we grew a lot of our own wheat and ground into flour.  We would get a barrel of herring in the fall to go with the meat we had and that would do for the winter.  We were never idle then," Mrs. Collicutt related."
Below: Ladies quilting in Milo - my great-grandmother
is second from right, behind in top photo.
Below: Southwest view of Wilkinson's Store.
Below: A barn belonging to the Wilkinson's Store.
Below: Springfield West School - southwest view.
Below: Front of Springfield West School - south facing.
Below: Southeast corner of Springfield West School.
Below: not sure what this building is - it's across the road from the school.
Detailing in the gable would indicated it was probably a community Hall.
Below: a few barns on a homestead next to the school.


  1. Great blog. The last pictures were an old garage when I was growing up in the '70's :)

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