Monday, July 23, 2012

Charlottetown Condensed Milk Factory

     Here's another postcard from my brother's collection - it's the Charlottetown Condensed Milk Factory, c. 1906-08. 
     Below is an excerpt from the City of Charlottetown website telling about the Condensed Milk Factory.
     In 1899, the Charlottetown Condensed Milk Factory opened on the east side of Esher Street. It was completely destroyed by fire in August 1911. It was replaced by a beautifully designed building by Benjamin Chappell that unfortunately, twenty-one years later, suffered the same fate. It was located where M.F. Schurman Co. was located for a number of years. Other businesses that operated in the area were the Charlottetown Can Company, the Government Cold Storage Plant and, across the tracks, the Sunshine Dairy. New Method Cleaners and Chandlers Woodworking set the direction that exists to this day. The history of the Prince Edward Island Hospital is very much connected with this block. They had opened their first hospital in the Haszard House at 24-36 Longworth Avenue. It opened on January 28, 1884. It was the answer to the demands of the community for "a general" hospital, one not affiliated with a religious body, as was the Charlottetown Hospital that had opened in 1879.

     Also, I found this image of the factory taken from the southwest corner.
Photo by Wm. James Topley 1845-1930
cf. Library and Archives Canada -

FYI - Here's the 1884 P.E.I. Hospital


  1. Do you know if the Charlottetown Condensed Milk factory was ever served by the railway? I know that the Can Company, just down the line, was.

    1. The factory was very close to the railway system - within a hundred yards I would think.

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