Monday, July 2, 2012

New London Women's Institute Hall

     The P.E.I. Public Archives & Record Office (PEIPARO) have a folder of minute books from 
the early days of The New London Hall Company.  The following is an excerpt which outlines the early days of the Hall.  
             Clifton Court House Oct. 20 / 1891 “A meeting of New London residents interested in the erection of a Public Hall was held this day at the Court House (above store) for the purpose of taking active steps to carry this project in to effect...the government agreed to take lease of proposed building for a court house for a term at least 10 years rent at $80.  January 16, 1892 …the size of the main building would be 27x48 ft with a lean to rear end full width of main building height of post 13 ft...Mr. George MacKenzie being present was asked to arrange with Mrssrs  Chappell and Phillip’s Architects, Charlottetown for a Plan and Specifications and to forward to the Secretary…” 
              There is a document, dated May 5th, 1892 which outlines the incorporation of The New London Hall Company. Those present Archibald Campbell, John F. Murray, James M. McLeod, Hugh B. McKay and Wm. McKay.  In the early years the Hall was used as a Courthouse and by the International Order of Foresters. 
            In the early 1960s the ownership was assumed by the New London Women's Institute, who currently own and maintain it. 
 Above: New London W.I. Hall, built in 1892
     In the fall of 2009 I was asked to put together a Building Analysis and Recommendations Report for the New London Women's Institute Hall.  I described the purpose of the report as follows:
     "...This Report outlines recommendations for improvements and upgrades to bring the esixting Hall to today’s standards and codes.  The building displays much of its original detailing which should be retained and restored to its original look and character.  Also included in this document are as-found drawings, photos, proposed drawings, suggested improvements and cost estimates."
     I was by the Hall a few weeks ago and nearly went off the road - I didn't have my camera with me until I was by there again this evening.  I will let the photos speak for themselves.  
     I was not consulted during the restoration process - I had assumed the project was not proceeding.
Before: Below photos were taken on November 13, 2009
Above: Gable Detailing
 Above: Southeast View.
 Above: Southwest View.
 Above: East Side View.
 Above: Northwest View.
Below: The Interior.
After: Below photos were taken today, July 1, 2012
     Am sorry for the loss of the exterior wainscotting and the new modern looking vinyl awning windows - not sure what's going on above and around the front door.


  1. I´ll tell ya what happened.....they friggin´butchered the whole historic vibe of this great little building. And why do people put in things like vinyl windows, when old wooden ones will literally last hundreds of years ( a recently restored window sash from an Annapolis Royal building dates from the 1690´s). Aye, aye, aye....

  2. what a sin - looks a mess now with those windows.

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