Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Gregor's-By-The-Sea, Brackley Beach

     My brother Kerras came across this postcard of Gregor's Hotel a while ago - it's amazing to think not one of these buildings (some were moved) remain as you see them here - information below will explain that it was bought by the Government of Canada /Parks Canada and the site completely cleared.
   The postcard measures 9"x6".
     I found the information below on the Prince Edward Island Public Archives and Record Office along with this photo.
     cf. http://www.gov.pe.ca/archives/onlineexhibits/display.php3?ipn=5&cat=6
PEI PARO Acc. 3038
Gregor's Hotel, Brackley, circa 1920s
     Ewen Houston ran a boarding house from about 1891 under the name of Seaside Hotel.  During the early 1900s, the Gregor (Charles & Walter) family took over, and in 1914 expanded to 25 rooms and renamed it Gregor's-by-the-Sea.  The hotel was known for its warm hospitality and farm fresh cuisine.  It was operated by the Gregor family until 1953, and for the twenty years by Jack and Lorna Cameron (Moore).  In 1957 the Hotel advertised a 22-room hotel and cottages, a private nine-hole golf course and driving range, ponies, dining room and close access to fishing and tennis courts.  Rates were $6.50 to $10.00 per person per day.  Parks Canada eventually acquired the property and in the 1970s the hotel was leveled.

    Also there is information about Gregor's Hotel on the IslandLives project website - see http://www.islandlives.ca/fedora/repository/ilives%3A267924-00035-p_0021/TEI/TEI%20Page%20Fragment

     Here are a few facts about the Gregor Hotel from the article:  The National Park was established in 1937; in 1973 the Federal Government bought the property - the Gregor home was moved and the hotel furnishings auctioned off - the other buildings were either moved or demolished; another property purchased by the Government in 1982 was the Lodge operated by Sadie, Elaine & Willard MacCallum - here too was an auction and the buildings demolished.


  1. I vacationed here as a child and I have such fond memories! I was born in 1963 so it must have been in the early 1970s. I remember walking around the property ringing a bell to call people to dinner. I also remember the golf course and the ponies. I also enjoyed the red sand of PEI and the relatively warm ocean water. I wish is lasted long enough to bring my own children here as it was a magical place!

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  3. Lorna Moore was my Aunt. My mother used to work there in the summers when she was young. I spent every summer in PEI growing up. Our family cottage was one of the original cottages from the hotel which was moved down the lane a wee bit. I still go there and now i bring my own kids. This is a second home to me and I love seeing the old pics of the hotel which I never got the pleasure visit but heard so much about.

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