Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Vriends Poultry Farm, West Covehead

     Another book I have in my possession is a text book about Prince Edward Island, published in 1978.  On the cover is the Vriends Poultry Farm in West Covehead, located on the corner of Cass' Road and Rte.25/ Rte.6.  The farm was closed a few years ago and today the property is mostly for sale as cottage lots in Auld's Point Bay View Properties -
     Above: Vriends Poultry Farm.  In the distance is Covehead Bay and Auld Creek to the upper right.  You can see cottages there between the farm and the bay.  Today this area is a subdivision with lots for sale.
See Google Maps for a street view of this farmstead -,-63.122249&spn=0.005883,0.016512&t=h&z=17&layer=c&cbll=46.393161,-63.122605&panoid=uosR6yJorrDaosms-kqaTQ&cbp=12,55.38,,0,0


  1. From this vantage point it looked a lot better back then. Much like the province in general.

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