Friday, February 8, 2013

St. Joachim's Hall, Vernon River

     As I passed by St. Joachim's Roman Catholic Church and Hall the other day I quickly stopped and pulled around to take a few photos of the old Hall as it appears it is going to be demolished.  A new Hall was built beside the church across the road a couple of years ago - the highway here is very busy and to have the hall across the road from the church just wasn't safe.
     This old Hall was built in 1900 as a hall (often parishes used old churches as Halls when they were replaced).
     The building features buttresses on each side and a unique gable window.  Here's are photos taken on Feb. 6th.
      Above: North side of hall, photo taken in church parking lot - the road is between us.
    Above: Northeast side of Hall.  Not the buttresses.  The siding is being removed.
    Above/Below: North side of building.  I assume the vinyl siding is hiding architectural style, ie. windows on this side of the building.
 Below: Northwest view of Hall.
 Above/Below: An amazing window.
 Below: the boarded walls are exposed.
Below: Here's the Hall in relation to the Church.
Below: here's a photo I took of the Hall in May 2001

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