Friday, February 22, 2013

This Blog receives PEIMHF Heritage Award

     This blog / myself received a Heritage Award from the Prince Edward Island Museum & Heritage Foundation on Tuesday evening, Feb. 19th, 2013 at the annual Heritage Awards Presentation at Beaconsfield Carriagehouse in Charlottetown.
     Below is the certificate and the citation.

Heritage Award Citation
Carter Jeffery
     There is much that is good to be found on the web.  And much that is not.  The trick is sorting the two.  That's why sites like Carter Jeffery's P.E.I. Heritage Buildings blog are so valuable.  On entering, one is spellbound by Mr. Jeffery's accessible writing style, and swept up by his depth of passion when it comes to Island heritage.  So far the site features over a hundred entries on a wide range of topics: architecture, urban, rural, domestic and industrial, decorative arts, local history and landscape.  More than simply opinion, many of the entries are articles in themselves, with access to the author's own files and years of thought and study.  The site is quickly becoming a starting point for those looking to start exploring Island heritage and a standard reference for those who make a study of it.  In recognition for this work in creating, maintaining and, hopefully continuing to add to the P.E.I. Heritage Buildings blog, we are pleased to present a Heritage Award to Mr. Carter Jeffery.


  1. Well deserved, a big congratulations Carter! The blog is a wonderful and necessary resource and commentary on Island heritage.

  2. Congratulations, Carter! It's great to see you recognized for all your work raising awareness of the Island's rich architectural heritage. Well done!

  3. Carter!
    Congratulations once more! A well deserved award indeed!
    Keep up the great work, PLEASE!!!!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement - much appreciated!

  5. Congratulations, Carter!! Great job! Well deserved award ~

  6. This is a wonderful award to be presented with Carter Congrats