Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bloomfield Presbyterian-United Church 1883-1969

     I dropped in to the Windmill Craft's Cooperative on Saturday afternoon in Woodstock on the Western Road (Rte. 2) just north of O'Leary corner.  They have a used books section where I found a few local books I didn't have.  
     One of those books is the History of the Bloomfield Presbyterian-United Church written around 1975 - see a few scans below.  
     There were many local history books published on the Island in the early 1970's as 1973 was the 100th anniversary of Prince Edward Island joining Canada.   I believe at the time there was a movement by the Women's Institute and P.E.I. government to document these histories.  Most of these books were published in small runs and today are rare finds. I've been collecting them for years and have a good collection. to enlarge images...
Quote on inside of front cover -
      "A wise nation preserves its records, decorates the graves of its illustrious dead; repairs the great public structures; and fosters national pride and love of country - by perpetual references to the sacrifices and glories of the past." - Joseph Howe.
Quote on inside of back cover -
      "History is a fabric woven by mankind on the loom of time.  Its designs vary with the years - now dark, now bright, now bold, now seemingly insignificant.  Somehow we must seek the pattern as it was meant to be, and help make it a thing of beauty and strength. - Eater Baldwin York. 

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