Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bonshaw Community Hall must move for highway - CBC PEI

     This item was on the local CBC radio news this morning.  The hall was originally a church, built in 1865 - it became a United Church in 1925; then closed in the 1990's and used as an antique shop - today it's a community hall.

Posted: Jul 31, 2013 11:59 AM AT 

The community hall in Bonshaw was built at that location more than 150 years ago, but now has to move for the Trans-Canada Highway.Preservation recommended for unused highway lands.                                                       Transportation officials say the historic Bonshaw Hall has to be moved, just a bit, as part of the Trans-Canada Highway re-alignment in the area.  The hall was built on that location, next to the bridge over the West River, more than 150 years ago. The bridge, which is currently being expanded, marks the end of the highway re-alignment just west of Charlottetown, and transportation officials are concerned about where it's sitting.  "When we looked at the alignment of the Green Road and the Hall and the post office we had some issues," said provincial chief engineer Stephen Yeo.  "We're going to straighten the alignment on the Green Road and we are trying to provide more of a set back away from the stop sign to improve safety for the public use."  The extent of the move hasn't been decided yet. It could be just a few meters, or it could be moved on to adjoining land.  But some in the community say they haven't been consulted, and they have a list of demands they want met before the old building is re-located.  Sheldon MacNevin, vice president of the Bonshaw Hall Co-op, said he wasn't pleased that he had to hear through the grapevine that the building will be moved. MacNevin said the community should have been consulted, and there are things he wants done as part of the move.  "We want to have the foundation and septic system in and we would have to have a new well dug," he said.  "We'd like to have a guarantee that they can do this within a week or so."  The move won't take place until next year. Yeo said the province will meet with residents this fall to hear their concerns.


  1. "To hear their concerns" and ignore them like usual. It's a good thing PEI gets transfer payments, they need more money to burn through silly projects like this. Just unreal.

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