Friday, January 3, 2014

St. Augustine's Parish Church, Rustico celebrate 175 years

     The first service held at St. Augustine's Roman Catholic Church in Rustico was held on Christmas Eve 1838.  Beginning Christmas Eve 2013 the Parish will continue to celebrate it's 175th Anniversary through-out 2014. 
     Construction of the church began in late summer of 1838.  A letter between the Priest at Saint-Henri de Barachois, New Brunswick and the priest at St. Augustine talks about the new church at Rustico.
     Fore more information of the 175th Anniversary see the following article in the Guardian newspaper...
Below images cf. Historic Places Website
St. Augustine's Roman Catholic Church
Above: Image from Meachams 1880 Atlas of PEI
     Below: "In Rustico Chapel: Acadian Nuns at prayer" sketch by Robert Harris, late 19th-century
"In Rustico Chapel, St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI"

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