Friday, July 25, 2014

Lower Freetown Presbyterian Church

     I've been traveling through-out the Island alot these days.  Here's a few recent photos of the old Lower Freetown Presbyterian Church located on the Freetown Road (Rte.8) near the intersection with Rte. 109.  It appears abandoned.
The following information cf. History of Lower Freetown: A Centenial Project of Lower Freetown Women's Institute. 1971. Pages 23-24.
"...Rev. Wm. Tufts succeeded Rev. W.M. Scott in 1888. It was during Mr. Tufts three year ministry that the present church was built and on November 2, 1890 the church was opened and dedicated to the Glory of God and for His service.  Mr. Robert B. Auld gave the site of the church.  Mr. Jesse Burns supplied the material for the frame.  Two members gave $100.00 each.  The church cost about $950.00 and would have cost more had it not been for the free labour generously expended...In 1950 the diamond anniversary of the church was celebrated...During the summer of 1955 the church was moved back 10 feet and a full basement excavated.  The front entry was remodeled taking away both side doors to the front." ...and front gable round window.

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