Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tilman / Etienne Arsenault Home, St. Chrysostome

     I was up to St. Chrysostome yesterday morning and took these photos of the old Tilman Arsenault House.  The house was owned by his father Etienne Arsenault before him.  It's abandoned now - a neighbour told me this place use to be beautiful and well kept.
     This house is located in the Acadian community of St. Chrysostome on the Harmony Road (Rte. 128 / Rte. 11) on the corner at Gavin Arsenault Road.
      Meachams 1880 Atlas of PEI shows Steph. Arsenault with 45-acres living on this property.
      Cumins 1928 Atlas of PEI shows Etienne Arsenault on this property with 48-acres.  His wife's name is Pholomene and their ten children: Jos., Marie, Cyrienne, Beonie, Zeleanne, Lucille, Adrian, Emelien, Sophie, Philorome.
      The shape and style of the house would indicate it dates back to possibly the 1870s or before.

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  1. Very interesting! Etienne was the father of Judge Adrien Arsenault (1889-1941) (My great Grandfather) and grandfather to My grandfather J. J. Leonce Arsenault (1921-1998) who has a street named for him. Do you happen to have and info Re Etienne and Philomene? like their birth and death dates? thank you! Kurt van der Basc