Friday, August 15, 2014

Pleasant Valley Memorial Church ready for new facade

     This week the Pleasant Valley Memorial Church, located on Rte. 2 in Pleasant Valley is having it's south facade re-shingled.  
     With the shingles removed you can see the outline of the original front porch/entry - similar to that of the 1864 South Granville Presbyterian Church (see photo below).  It's not known when the porch was removed and the new tower/entry built on. 
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     Below is an early 1920's photograph of Pleasant Valley hill in which you can see the Pleasant Valley Methodist Church (c. 1878) on the far left facing north; next at the bottom of the hill is the road to the community of Elliotts; up the hill on the left is the Methodist Church Manse (later home of Jennie Sharpe-Sherman); across the road is the home of Isaac and Catherine Sharpe (c. 1860/ moved 1999 nearby to Smith Rd., current home of Arnold Smith); at the bottom of the hill on the right is the Pleasant Valley School with outhouse; and coming up the hill behind the spruce tree is the Methodist Church horse barn - a safe place for your horse while you were in church.
    In the 1950's the church was moved across the road and up the hill eastward and now faces south.

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     OK - back to the existing church's facade.  There's lots to observe on these old hemlock boards - some near 17" wide, saw marks, old nails, etc.
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Here's a few photos I took around the church in September 2013.
     In 1986 the church was closed and became a memorial church - they have a summer service and occasional special services.

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