Saturday, November 29, 2014

Former Hunter River United Church Manse for Sale

     A few weeks ago the Smith's listed their home for sale - it's located in the Village of Hunter River on Bagnall's Pond.
     Here's the real estate listing...
      In 2007 I carried out a historic documentation project in Hunter River & Hazel Grove whereby I researched 14 historic properties registered on Historic Places
(  Here's the information on the former doctor's home and United Church Manse.
Photo by Margaret Smith, 1970's
     The following character-defining elements illustrate this Island-ell style house - it features a 2-storey belted tower with steep-pitched roof; the Doctor’s Office has a parapet façade heavily decorated with wood trim and brackets; cedar shingle siding; hooded windows with gingerbread brackets; patterned shingles in the gables; bay window with mansard roof and decorative brackets; a sunporch with 4-over-3 window panes; and gable dormer with roundtop window and detailing.
I took these photos in 2007.
     The house was built by local carpenter, David Silliphant and sold to Edward Woolner, “plot with dwelling,” on 22-Aug-1902 for the sum of  $1,250.  In 1912 the property was sold to Dr. Rodgerson who built on the doctors office on the right and lived here until  1929.  He was a successful doctor and his wife an accomplished and talented musician who played the organ at the Presbyterian Church for many years. 
     Dr. Barrett bought the property in 1929 and lived here till 1945 - he operated his dental office from the house.  
     In the January 1945 the house was purchased by the Hunter River United Church for their manse.  One couple married here in the parlour that year was George Smith and Dorothy Weeks of Pleaseant Valley on November 2, 1945.  
     In 1979 the United Church wanted a manse closer to the church and put the house up for sale - it was bought by the present owners Gordon and Margaret Smith for their family home.
     ( The above information comes from: interview with the owners; the Goad Insurance Plan of PEI; the Lands Record Office PEI Govt; and the History of Hunter River 1767-1967 )

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  1. What a gorgeous house. I've always wanted a home with a turret.