Friday, November 14, 2014

Moore Farmstead, Milton

     Two weeks ago I photographed this old house when I heard of the passing of 89-year-old John Milton Moore on Halloween day.  He was born in 1925 and the son of Henry "Harry" and Annie (Munroe) Moore.  
    The property is located in Lot 32 in Milton on the Malpeque Road (Rte.2) between the Rustico Road (Rte.7) and the North Yorke River Road (Rte.148).
    The house sits very close to the highway and faces north.  The style is "center dormer" popular in the mid-1800's here on the Island.  An uncommon feature of this house is that it has another center dormer on the rear facing south.

     The Cumin's 1928 Atlas of Prince Edward Island shows Harry Moore living here with the following children: Marjorie, Russell, Robert, Wesley and John.  It shows the farm with 62 acres.
    The Meacham's 1880 Atlas of Prince Edward Island shows Geo. Moore living here with 62 acres.
     Near a decade ago two ladies recorded a mini documentary about this place which aired on CBC Radio's program Outfront ( ).  The ladies interviewed Mr. Moore first asking him if they could paint his barns - he replied, "oh dear, I don't know if I want my barns painted."  He  misunderstood the ladies, they wanted to do an artists interpretation of the old weathered buildings - he thought they wanted to physically paint them.  I forget much of the rest of the 15-minute show, but it was fun to listen to a story about a place here on Prince Edward Island.
     Tomorrow, November 15, 2014 an auction will be held at the homestead by Roberts Auctioneering - see their website for photographs of items for auction - I've included a few here.
Above: An aerial photo of the farmstead.
Below: today the machinery was all outside for the auction tomorrow.

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