Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hunter River Royal Bank

 Above: Charlie Goodwin and Staff with the bank's dog. 1974
 Former Hunter River Royal Bank - Photos taken January 12, 2008

Owners of the Royal Bank Building:
            The Royal Bank of Canada came to Hunter River in September 1913 and operated from the house of Hedley Spence until this new building was constructed and opened in 1918.
            The Royal Bank operated at this location from 1918 to 1976.
            The bank manager had an apartment upstairs.  The last bank manager to live here was Charlie Goodwin who kept his horses in the backyard.
            The present Royal Bank of Canada opened across the street in 1976.  The new bank was built on the property of Percy & George Boyle.  The old Royal Bank building was traded for the land where the new bank sits.
            The building was rented as a commercial space housing a craft shop, etc.
            Bob Storey, Realtor purchased the property and rented it as a Constituency office to Mel Gass.
            Catherine Calbeck purchased the property and used it as a parliamentary constituency office.
            Ewen Taylor, the local pharmacist who was renting space next door from the Noye’s, moved the pharmacy to the old bank in 1988.  He rented it for three years then purchased the building in 1991.  In 2006 the pharmacy moved across the street to the new medical centre. 
            In the fall of 2006 Mr. Taylor sold it to be used as a private residence.

            Information comes from interviews as well as from the “History of Hunter River 1767-1967” by Hunter River Women’s Institute.  Page 32:  The Royal Bank of Canada.
          Well known heritage activist Mark Gallant of North Rustico gave this new bank it's title, "Bungalow Bank" - he was outraged that they tour down historic buildings, including Cardinal McGuigan's birthplace, to make way for this sleek new modern bungalow bank!

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