Saturday, July 9, 2016

Cape Traverse Church & Ice Boat Memorial

     I was up this way recently and took these photos of the Cape Traverse United Church and the Ice Boat Memorial across the road.   I always find it strange why the websites of the United Church on Prince Edward Island generally don't tell their history.  Anyhow, this church plaque states it was dedicated in 1890 - likely as a Presbyterian Church.
     Across the road is the Ice Boat Monument - I was last here in 1974 on a school class trip!
      Here's the monument to the "Ice Boat Service" to Prince Edward Island - the boat has been removed.
     Here is a plaque located under a tree to the right of the memorial dedicated to the "First Submarine Telegraph Cable" to Prince Edward Island. 
     I just found this photo and note on the Journal Pioneer's website from September 16, 2015 by Colin MacLean.
     Prince Edward Island’s monument to the ice boat service got some tender loving care this week. Crews working on the historic site, which is on Route 10 in Cape Traverse, said that the structure had been sinking slightly and they were in the process of righting it and installing braces.
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     Here's an image of how it originally looked from by NoWin.

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