Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An old St. Eleanor's House

This old house was located on the west side of South Drive in St. Eleanor's, not far from Route 2 Highway.  This house was demolished near 20 years ago.  I recently came across the photo in my large collection of photos of Island Buildings. 
This house is in the Island-ell style with elaborate running gingerbread gable trim. The detailing reminds me of the following houses - see below.
The Sutherland House, Seaview (photo 2009) - a large restoration has since been undertaken.  A local group undertook the restoration of this house and opened it as a museum.  My brother Kerras ( made all the exterior trimmings for this house using old photos and reminent pieces to accomplish the original look.


  1. Just thought I would let you know, this is the Art Holland House on North Drive in old St Eleanors. Also, excellent blog, very interesting!

  2. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this house. I recognized it immediately.
    It had no electricity which is why you see no wires going to the house in your shots.
    There was a big action held in Bedeque before the house was burned to the ground. Afterwards, they build a subdivision behind the house and surrounding area called Arthur Holland Subdivision. I remember going to the Auction and purchasing two old press back chairs which I still have and use daily at our kitchen table. Also after the controlled burn of the house I actually went and gather some of the old square nails that this house was build with. What a trip down memory lane as my Grandparents only lived a stones throw away. If you are lucky to be around this area you can see a batch of old tiger lilies that still grow around this area and I'm sure the present area residents have no clue as to why they bloom every year.