Thursday, March 3, 2011

Traditional Window and Door Builders

Many people don't realize you can have traditional wood windows made here on Prince Edward Island.  The window below was made to order by R.W. Woodworking, Hunter River - the window was made for the Doucet House Restoration project.  There were 8 windows in total.  The antique-glass for the window was brought in specially by O'Connor Glass in Charlottetown.  Often you can get some old glass if you ask around but we needed enough glass for eight windows so thought it best to order it in.  The workmanship is excellent!
Above.  We applied Thompson's Clear Water Seal to preserve the wood window and board siding to keep a natural look.
This door was made by Borden Myers Woodworking of Charlottetown.   The door was modeled after an old front door found on a Fitzroy Street house.  The owner purchased the coloured glass locally from a stained glass store and had it installed by the door builder.  Again excellent workmanship.
This paired, round-top, single-hung window was also made by Borden Myers Woodworking in a traditional style for this new summer home on the north shore of the Island.


  1. Those are really nice and excellent grade windows. When looking for Wood windows Devon, make sure it's the finest and best quality.

  2. They certainly look well-made. They should really go well with the traditional houses that you are currently restoring or planning to restore. And since they’re made to order, you can reinforce it and make it more energy efficient while you’re at it.