Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Simpson Mills Barn

I was out to the North Shore yesterday and out to the Simpson Mill Road in Hope River.  There's many of the Simpson family in the area.  To the right is an old Simpson farmstead.  To the left, behind the trees were and millpond.  Meachams 1880 Atlas shows two mills here, a Carding Mill and a Flour Mill - they're both gone now.
Below: Meacham's 1880 Atlas - Page 60
Below: The barn is classic - built into the side of a hill.  Often the livestock were in the lowest level (the view below is south facing) and on the other side the farmer could drive his hay waggon in to loft to unload hs hay, etc.
Below:  The exposed sandstone foundation adds great interest to the look of this barn.
Below:  The view from a north easterly view.
Below:  A close-up of the roof vents - theses were placed to take excess heat from the loft - there are three on this barn.
Below:  The East view.

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