Monday, July 4, 2011

St. James United Church, West Covehead, PEI

I was out to Dalvay today to the reception for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (aka Prince William and Kate Middleton) - we parked in the parking lot of this historic church built in 1837 - there seems to be ALOT of churches built around the late 1830's.  Here's a few photos I took of the church.
Above: The church is getting some new paint as it will be receiving a Heritage Places Certificate of Registration in mid August.  The front/south wall of the church has vinyl siding, however, the rest still has it's face-nailed wood shingles.
 Below:  The original multi-paned windows are magnificent!   They just recieved a fresh coat of paint.
 Below:  Close-up of window sill.
 Below:  Note the face-nailed wood shingles - very old.  There are no corner boards on the house.  Interesting!  You don't often see this.
 Below:  The church was locked - so I put my camera lens flat against the window and took this photos - great to see the inside. Note the curved pews. 
 Below:  The large windows touch the eave brackets.
 Below:  The eave return is typical, however, without corner boards.
 Below:  A photo of the north east corner of the church.
 Below:  A photo taken of the north side of the church  - I was standing in the cemetery to take this photo.

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