Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dunbar House, Montrose - update

The old house was demolished yesterday - they say there were batts flying everywhere.  I learned more about the house.  This was the Montrose Presbyterian Manse and sold to Stephen McNeill 1893-1984 (son of James and Elizabeth (Jeffery) MacNeill) of Alma.  Stephen operated a cobbler shop from here - he learned the trade from his father.  Stephen sold it to Eric Dunbar who later sold it to his brother George Dunbar.
In the Wednesday, June 29th, 2011 issue of the West Prince Graphic, page 3 (see below) - is an article about the demolition of this house.  When someone came in to take the mantle before demolition Mrs. Pedersen, the owner, found four old photos (one a tin-type) I'd say dating from the 1870's - they don't know who the people area.  There was alot of history here in this old house.

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